Employee Health Program
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s.Oliver MOVEIT

Walking Challenge with Fitness Trackers

This digital employee health program promotes regular physical activity. Teams of employees are challenged by a professional basketball team to beat their daily steps. Participants contribute to their team's ranking by wearing a fitness tracker. Steps are uploaded to the global platform with a mobile app. The program fosters sporty activities and behavioral change.

IWC SKYWRITER Flight Simulator
  • SKYWRITER - Plane
  • SKYWRITER - Flight Experience
  • SKYWRITER - 3D Landscape


Flight Simulator Adgame

An interactive flight simulator provides a platform to subtly promote the pilot's watch collection of Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen. Tech-savvy users are invited to write a message in the sky by piloting an aircraft. The message is written by the plane's vapor trail and can be shared via social media platforms.

Gamification Platform
  • Gamification - Fitness Tasks
  • Gamification - Point System
  • Gamification - Overall Goal


Gamification Platform for Fitness at Work

The online platform instingoFit tackles a major health issue. It "moves" people with desk jobs and fosters health consciousness of employees. The program applies gamification mechanisms to light sporty activities. By walking, climbing stairs, jogging or healthy eating, participants can compete for high scores and achievements or contribute to an overall goal.

Time Management Game
  • Time Management Game - Isometric
  • Time Management Game - Guests
  • Time Management Game - Waitress

Mein Kleines Café

Time Management Game

“Mein kleines Café” is an easy to learn online time management game. Players need to figure out the perfect order and timing for a variety of tasks: taking orders from various guests, serving cakes, getting paid and cleaning tables. These are carried out by sending the waitress to hotspots on the playing field. The online game features six levels with increasing difficulty.

Facebook Game - Worldmap
  • Facebook Game - User Journey
  • Facebook Game - Levels
  • Facebook Game - Game of Skill

Tchibo Kaffeereise

Facebook Game

Using a common quiz game mechanic, this Facebook game invites players to experience Tchibo’s superior knowledge of coffee and to learn about interesting coffee facts such as cultivation, harvesting and brewing. The game includes 80 quizzes and two games of skill as well as a social spreading mechanism to foster recommendations, invitations and timeline posts by players.

Meum-Trail - Game Logo
  • Meum-Trail - Game World
  • Meum-Trail - Characters
  • Meum-Trail - Isometric View


Casual Puzzle Game

In this fun and easy to use road-building puzzle the player's aim is to guide and protect a herd of cute, furry animals: the MEUMS. On a journey of exploration the player leads his followers through a wide range of puzzle missions. With help from his hysterical ally General Flea, 55 levels are to be tackled. A free trial can be downloaded at the Big Fish Games website.

GT RIDE Racing Game
  • GT RIDE - Track
  • GT RIDE - Camera
  • GT RIDE - Track Creation


Multiplatform Racing Game

A multiplatform racing game with a unique racing experience and viral spread that has been developed to promote the KIA pro c'eed GT. Users can create tracks by simply moving their mobile device or tablet through the air. Therefore each track is unique. Players can invite friends on Facebook to race their tracks. GT RIDE is available in six languages for iOS, Android, on Facebook and on the KIA website.

Online Game - Character
  • Online Game - Intro Sequence
  • Online Game - Platformer
  • Online Game - Opponent

Dove Men + Jump

Online Action Game

In this casual online game the player experiences a flashback to his childhood: By moving a pixelated 8-bit character he must avoid various old school opponents (Space Invaders, Lemmings, the ghosts of Pacman). While he proceeds through the game, both the game environment and the main character become more and more detailed. Scores and achievements can be posted on the player's Facebook wall.

Jump-n-Run Game
  • Jump-n-Run Game - Game Items
  • Jump-n-Run Game - Sidescroller
  • Jump-n-Run Game - 3D View

Mission Schönmachen

Jump-n-Run Multiplatform Game

A simple game mechanic with a stylish look: This fast paced one button game is based on an advertising campaign by OBI. While the game character is running automatically, players need skill and good timing to avoid obstacles, collect home improvement products and trigger special events. The common, flat side-scroller view is enriched by short but impressive 3D sequences that blend seamlessly with the rest of the game experience.

Facebook Game - Illustrations
  • Facebook Game - Special Event
  • Facebook Game - Highscore
  • Facebook Game - Jump

Absolut Ski

Facebook Game with Sweepstake

Rush down five different slopes: Absolut Ski is a casual racing game for Facebook fans of Tchibo. Players have to avoid or jump over obstacles, collect Tchibo ski products and perform trick-jumps in order to achieve high scores. The temporary Facebook adgame attracted more than 40,000 visitors within two weeks.

Gaming Platform - Hidden Objects
  • Gaming Platform - Illustration
  • Gaming Platform - Story
  • Gaming Platform - Characters


Online Gaming Platform for Kids

The online platform NetLa.ch educates kids about privacy, data protection and Internet usage. Two challenges are tailored for the age groups 7-10 years and 11-14 years. Skill-based games and quiz elements are embedded in an overall storyline. The final goal: qualification for a data privacy championship. The story was also distributed as a printed comic series at schools.

Runespell RPG - Game Logo
  • RPG - Special Skill
  • RPG - Game Character
  • RPG - Collectable Cards

Runespell: Overture

Collectable Cards Role-Playing Game

This PC download game combines role-playing elements with poker mechanics and collectable cards. Battles against opponents consist of "strikes" with poker hands. Special skills to defeat opponents can be obtained by proceeding within the game. We created the concept for the initial set of 250 collectable cards that served as a basis for the game design.

Online Racing Game
  • Online Racing Game - 3D Engine
  • Online Racing Game - Video Sequence
  • Online Racing Game - Camera View

P.A.C.E – Pursuit Across Europe

Online 3D Racing Game

This online adgame covers thousands of kilometers from Lisbon to Prague. Driving original BMW cars the players face various challenges. Dealing with different tracks and opponents, they can earn credits to optimize their vehicles. Views from the 3D engine are blended smoothly with pre-rendered sequences that present story elements, invitations for quests or special events. A multiplayer mode allows for challenging friends.

Adventure Game - Characters
  • Adventure Game - Game World
  • Adventure Game - Illustration
  • Adventure Game - Point-n-Click

Diddl PC Game

Point 'n Click Adventure for Kids

The first edutainment title from Diddl, a popular European kids brand. While players proceed through the colorful game world, they need to discover items, talk to protagonists, solve puzzles and play games of skill. The CD incorporates additional features to encourage kids to use it again and again, i.e. players can take snapshots of the game and create personalized images in a photo laboratory.

Online Game - Character
  • Online Game - Interaction
  • Online Game - Football Player
  • Online Game - Stadium


Online Game with interactive Videos

In this adgame for the UniCredit Group, players direct a football player through various interactive video sequences: A long shot is required to bring the ball into a huge stadium. A trick shot ends up on the playing field. A final penalty shot qualifies the player for the associated sweepstake. The online game includes voiceovers by a real stadium speaker.

Online Adventure - Illustration
  • Online Adventure - Point-n-Click
  • Online Adventure - Male Character
  • Online Adventure - Female Character

NOKIA Stylomania

Online Adventure Adgame

In this adventure the players' aim is to get a job as a journalist at the trendy magazine STYLOMANIA. Using various techniques of investigation they must deliver four cover stories. The linear story line includes four mini games. The game world is designed in 2D but skillfully elaborated. Level codes must be acquired either on fake websites or by using a virtual NOKIA cellphone.